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Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK 1.01 (Unlimited Money)

Mar 12, 2024

Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK is a strategic mobile simulation game, where players manage a poultry farm, tackle challenges, and make decisions to grow their business and climb the global leaderboard.

Updated 2024-03-11
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.01
Size 146 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Developer Kajewdev
Price Free
Google Play Link

Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK is a mobile simulation game where players manage a poultry farm, facing challenges and making strategic decisions to grow their business and compete in a global leaderboard.


Overview of Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK

Welcome to the world of Aku si JURAGAN AYAM, where the life of a poultry farm manager awaits you. The harsh reality of running a chicken company is mixed with the thrilling simulation in this smartphone game. From the moment you step into your virtual farm, you're in for a ride that's as educational as it is entertaining.

It's a chance to delve deeply into the field of chicken raising without having to deal with any filthy work. You start small, but with strategic planning and a bit of luck, you'll grow your business into a poultry empire. The welfare and productivity of your sheep must be protected, resources must be used wisely, and the decisions you make will affect the profitability of your farm

Attractive Features of Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK Latest Version

Interactive and Detailed Chicken Coop Display

The heart of this game lies in its interactive chicken coops. Maintaining the health and happiness of each chicken is your responsibility; each one has unique demands and characteristics. You may witness the results of your hard work as your coop grows and your hens become bigger thanks to the intricate visuals. This feature makes the game more complex and rewarding while also enhancing player immersion.

Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK Unlimited Money

Challenges and Missions

The road to becoming a poultry mogul is filled with obstacles. Aku si JURAGAN AYAM keeps you on your toes with various challenges and missions. Whether you meet sales goals on schedule or handle fluctuating weather, the game will test your determination and astute decision-making. These activities not only spice up the gameplay but also help you become a better trade manager and decision-maker.

Leaderboard and Community

What's a game without a little friendly competition? Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mobile Game features a global leaderboard that lets you see how your farm stacks up against others around the world. The leaderboard intensifies the game, no matter whether you’re vying for the most sales or the most productive field. Additionally, you can share strategies and tips with other players through the community feature, which creates a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Unlimited Customization and Experiments

The Mod APK version of this game takes the game to another level. With Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK Unlimited Money, you're free to experiment and customize your farm to your heart's content. Would you want to give a new feeding technique a go? Proceed. Do you want to grow your coop right away? You hold the authority. In addition to improving the play experience, this latitude to try new things allows you to investigate many facets of farm management in a risk-free setting.

Download Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK For Android

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK Versi Terbaru


  • Educational Value: It merges entertainment with insightful business management practices, offering players a deep dive into the essentials of farm management.
  • Engagement: The challenges, leaderboards, and interactive aspects of the game guarantee that players stay interested and inspired to advance.
  • Accessibility: The Mod APK version provides full feature access immediately, removing the need for extensive playtime to unlock game aspects.


  • In-Game Purchases: Players might be tempted to make purchases for quicker progression, despite the unlimited money feature.
  • Learning Curve: Newcomers may initially find the game's complex mechanics challenging.
  • Internet Requirement: A stable internet connection is necessary for certain features, which might limit access for some.

Instructions for Download Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK For Android from

  • Navigate to using your preferred web browser.
  • Use the search bar to find "Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK".
  • Scroll to the article's end and locate the "Download Now" button.
  • Click the button and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the download process.

Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mobile Game


Distinctive from other mobile games is the unique combination of strategic gameplay, enjoyment, and educational value found in Aku si JURAGAN AYAM Mod APK. It never gets old or boring, whether you're navigating the complexities of a chicken farm, competing on the global leaderboard, or socializing with the vibrant community. Prepare yourself to take on the role of manager of a chicken farm and discover if you have what it takes to succeed!

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