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CarX Street

CarX Street Mod APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars, No Fee)

Feb 06, 2024

CarX Street Mod APK is a thrilling street racing game with unlimited money, diverse modes, global competition, and no strict rules.

CarX Street
Name CarX Street
Updated 2024-01-16
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 1.2.2
Size 1.2 GB
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars, No Fee
Category Racing
Developer CarX Technologies, LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unleashing the Thrill of CarX Street Mod APK

CarX Street Mod APK is not just another racing game; it's a heart-pounding, high-octane experience that brings the thrill of illegal street racing right to your fingertips. Envision driving through urban and highway areas while facing off against players worldwide, all with the aim of winning and receiving rewards.

CarX Street Mod APK

The game's main goal is simple – win races under any circumstances. The developers at CarX Technologies have created an environment with console-quality graphics, making the gaming experience as realistic as possible. Four distinct game modes, each with its own set of rules and story that provide players with excitement and variety, make CarX Street stand out from other games.

Attractive Point of CarX Street Racing Mod APK

What makes CarX Street stand out is its dedication to realism without compromising on fun. With its dynamic and detailed cars, the game offers an immersive driving experience that will test your driving prowess. It is more than just a racing game because of the intricate elements in the game world, the sound of engines revving, and the screaming of tires.

One noteworthy aspect is the freedom it gives you—no set storyline, no rigid rules. You craft your own gameplay; choose your destination, themes, and challenges. For those who enjoy the rush of a police chase, the latest version of the game features an outrunning game mode that makes it unique and exhilarating for players.

Features of CarX Street Mod APK For Android

CarX Street Mod APK Unlimited Money

In the world of the game, money isn't a hurdle; it's a tool to upgrade your cars. With the help of this function, you may buy premium cars and make them your own without having to pay a single cent. Your wins in the game are rewarded with points that you may use to realize your desire to drive the priciest cars.

Download CarX Street Mod APK

Additional Fun Modes

While CarX Street already boasts fantastic gaming modes, the modded version adds a special campaign mode, injecting more excitement into the gameplay. Short and narrow tracks add an extra layer of challenge, preventing you from getting too comfortable on the asphalt.

Earn the Tile on the Leaderboard

Compete with players worldwide in this online racing game to showcase your skills and secure your place on the leaderboard. Winning in this thrilling combat makes your name prominent and provides you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Restriction-Free Rides

CarX Street Mod APK throws away the rulebook. There are no storylines and no rules—just you, your car, and the open road. Create your gameplay; choose destinations, themes, and challenges. For those who prefer a more structured experience, various modes are available to satisfy your racing appetite.

Experience a Thrilling Cop Chase

Ever fancied a good old-fashioned cop chase? The modded version of CarX Street introduces a gameplay mode where you must drive as fast as possible to catch criminals at any cost. It's a heart-pounding experience that's only available to CarX Street owners.

Car X Street Mod APK with Realistic Graphics and Impressive Sound System

The developers at CarX Technologies have taken racing visuals to the next level. The realistic graphics in the game make the streets seem quite real. From the thrilling speed of your car to the dramatic echoes of a powerful engine, every detail is meticulously crafted. Get ready to feel every turn, brake, and collision as if you were right there on the streets.

CarX Street Mod APK Unlimited Money

Challenge Your Online Friends

Competing against artificial intelligence is one thing, but challenging real players from around the world takes the excitement to a whole new level. CarX Street allows you demonstrate your talents in multiplayer races, which gives the game a competitive and unpredictable edge.

Vast Collection of Cars in CarX Street Mod APK Latest Version

For car enthusiasts, CarX Street is a dream come true. You can own and race more than 40 different cars in the game, including popular Lamborghini and Ferrari models. Because every car is different, you have even more strategic options to choose from. It's not just about winning; it's about winning in style.

Travel The World And Conquer It All

Unlike conventional racing games, CarX Street lets you choose your track and travel the world. Race through the streets of America, navigate the roads of Europe or conquer the challenges of Asian terrain. Because of the varied course conditions and unpredictable weather that will put your racing and navigational skills to the test, every race will be an amazing experience.

Customize Cars As Per Your Preference

CarX Street understands the importance of personalization. Apart from racing, you can customize your cars in this game. A car's engine can be changed, and a variety of color options are available for you to select from, so that it reflects your personal taste and style.

Unlock Impressive Bonuses By Winning

Victory isn't just about the thrill of the race; it's also about reaping the rewards. A variety of bonuses are available from CarX Street as rewards for your diligence. Use your savings to buy new or improved automotive components, or even to buy a new vehicle altogether. In the never-ending cycle of challenges and tournaments in the game, there are numerous chances to show off your abilities and earn points.

Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages of CarX Street Mod APK 2023

User Review

User Review 1: "I've been hooked on the game for weeks now. The function that allows for endless money is amazing! I can upgrade my cars without spending a penny. Every race is an exhilarating experience with the cop pursuit mode's thrilling twist. The freedom to choose my gameplay keeps it fresh and engaging."

User Review 2: "I downloaded the game, and I'm blown away! There's so much more diversity with the extra entertaining options, especially the campaign mode. Racing on short and narrow tracks in campaign mode is a real challenge. The realistic sound system and excellent graphics put me in control of the experience. It's a must-try for any racing game enthusiast!"

User Review 3: "The leaderboard competition in this game is intense! Racing against players from around the world keeps me on my toes. The vast collection of cars, including the famous ones like Lamborghini and Ferrari, gives me the chance to own my dream cars virtually. The game's simplicity with no strict rules allows me to customize my gameplay, making it one of my favorite racing games."


  • Unlimited Money: Upgrade your cars for free and buy top-notch cars without spending real money.
  • Additional Fun Modes: Campaign mode adds variety, making the game more interesting.
  • Earn the Tile on the Leaderboard: Compete with players globally, showcasing your skills on the leaderboard.
  • Restriction-Free Rides: Enjoy the game with no strict rules; create your gameplay and challenges.
  • Experience a Thrilling Cop Chase: Engage in exciting cop chases, a unique mode accessible with CarX Street.


  • No Strict Storyline: Some players might miss a detailed storyline as the game focuses on free gameplay.
  • Limited Campaign Tracks: The campaign mode, while exciting, has a limited number of tracks.
  • High Competition on Leaderboard: Competing globally means facing tough competition on the leaderboard.

Download CarX Street Mod APK

  1. Go to from your browser.
  2. Use the search bar to find the game.
  3. Click on the download button to start the download process.
  4. Before installing, ensure that your device allows installations from unknown sources in the settings.
  5. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.

CarX Street Racing Mod APK


CarX Street Mod APK takes mobile street racing to a whole new level.With its realistic graphics, robust sound system, and assortment of game types, it appeals to both casual players and race enthusiasts. Give this game a try if you enjoy action-packed chases, a ton of customization choices, and gorgeous graphics.Take part in the world of street racing, compete internationally, and feel the heart-pounding thrill of it all. Get it now to get started on the path to being the best street racer ever!

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