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CZATeria APK 2.2.86 (Chat Online)

Jul 18, 2023

CZATeria APK is an application used to chat anonymously with other users.

Name CZATeria - czat, chat online
Updated 2024-01-24
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.2.86
Size 16 MB
MOD Chat Online
Category Social
Developer INTERIA.PL
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this app?

Yes. CZATeria APK Download is very safe for users. This app has installed these intensive security and has regular censorship checks for all versions, especially the latest version. And so far this application has had many downloads from users in different countries. This also proves that this app is always safe and does not harm the device you are using.


CZATeria APK - Create online conversations with many others

CZATeria APK will bring you free and anonymous conversations. So that you can have mysterious conversations when you want to meet and chat, you can do what you want without anyone who can know you. Allows you to socialize and make new friends in chat rooms that you like to have a fun chat space. The application will allow you to have direct access without creating an account, with which you can also find rooms at your will. Copy you can download for free on the Android platform. The article below will update you with important information about this anonymous call app right now!

About the application CZATeria APK

CZATeria APK For Android is an application that makes it possible to create private conversations or create a chat room with a lot of people in it. The app will categorize conversations by category, topic or created by the user himself. These chat topics are compiled from many chat rooms that users create, it becomes very popular and the application understands this, so it has created a specific list.

And more importantly, no matter what form of conversation you choose, your information is anonymous. This will give you a comfortable conversation space, you can send or text anything without fear of disclosing your personal information. This is a smart application with modern features that can hide the true identity of the chat person. If you are looking to express your feelings and confide in someone who is completely unaware of you, then you can immediately choose this application.

CZATeria APK Download

Lets chat with other users around the world for free

CZATeria Czat Chat Online APK this will be an extremely attractive application for you to get the chat space full of mysteries. Help the user to be anonymous and not let the other person know his or her identity. So that you can easily reach the people you love through this platform with free calls. Will let you be able to connect with many different users around the world in chat rooms online.

Allows you to switch between conversations in rooms with private calls so you can chat with your partner in a simple way. So the application only needs to know the information that you want to find, will immediately appear suitable users and match what you want. To start a conversation you can send photos taken with your phone or photos attached to the phone library. Help you get interesting chat space along with many new friends around the world.

Multilingual support, allows users to choose, provides incognito mode

CZATeria APK Free provides users with language support so that users can chat with any user in the world without any problems. Especially the language barrier, so it allows you to comfortably socialize with many fascinating stories. The app also provides the ability to select you to chat with the appropriate criteria that you set out.

CZATeria APK Latest Version also allows users to use anonymous mode to be able to contact relationships that you are not confident when talking. With this feature you can chat freely to understand your partner's preferences and personality very easily without knowing who you are. So this is a free anonymous chat application that is loved and appreciated by many users.

CZATeria APK For Android

Looking for new friends based on common interests and interests

CZATeria App APK will give you the freedom to choose gender and age, especially hobbies to be able to search the requested user. Therefore, you will easily connect to your preferences and be able to make friends simply without having to go anywhere. In addition, there is a very interesting notification system to help you not to miss any moment from the message of your friends. Allows you to chat without worrying about time limits. 

What's interesting about this free and anonymous chat platform is that you can add a list of your favorite friends so you can easily chat without spending time searching. Create opportunities for you to engage in extremely interesting conversations with the rooms and at your request. In addition, for greater security you can create a common window so that you can get private space when chatting. The same reasons above you can freely have interesting conversations with you and socialize with many new friends now!

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of CZATeria APK

Practical application experience

I have used this app to chat with many people around the world and feel very good. There are things I can not say directly but when using the anonymity of this application, it is quite possible to confidently say it all. I have participated in many chat rooms with a variety of topics and freely expressed my own views on that issue. That's great for me.

CZATeria Czat Chat Online APK


  • Free chat with many users around the world
  • Use the anonymity feature and no account registration required
  • User friendly interface
  • Various topics to chat online


  • Always have to connect to the internet to chat online
  • There is no version for iOS


CZATeria APK is an application that allows you to participate in a lot of different chat rooms to chat with strangers. CZATeria APK 2.2.2 Download For Android right at the site it's free to help you relieve stress and fatigue after hours of continuous work. Hope users can love this application and share it widely with their acquaintances to use.

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