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FahrezONE My ID

FahrezONE My ID APK 3.2 Patch 9.0 (Game Booster for Android, Latest Version)

Feb 28, 2024

FahrezONE My ID APK is an Android game booster app, optimizes performance with smooth gameplay, network optimization, and customizable features for enhanced gaming.

FahrezONE My ID
Name FahrezONE My ID
Updated 2024-02-28
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 3.2 Patch 9.0
Size 6 MB
MOD Game Booster for Android, Latest Version
Category Personalization
Developer RezONE Dev
Price Free
Google Play Link

FahrezONE My ID APK - Elevating Your Gaming Experience with Seamless Performance and Customization Options!

Are you uninterested in frustrating lag, stutters, and uneven gameplay ruining your mobile gaming experience? Do you dream of smooth, responsive controls and flawless snapshots that assist you in honestly immersing yourself in your favorite games?

Look no further than FahrezONE My ID APK, a free and progressive app designed to convert your Android device into a cellular gaming powerhouse. This complete and clean-to-use app goes past just an easy "game booster." It offers an effective suite of features that cater to the desires of casual and hardcore gamers alike, permitting you to unlock your complete cell gaming capacity.


Overview of Game Vortex APK

FahrezONE My ID is a free app that transforms your Android device into a mobile gaming powerhouse. Forget choppy gameplay and frustrating lag. FahrezONE My ID, also known as Game Vortex or G-Vortex, or G-Vortex APK, is more than just a "game booster." It's a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize your phone for peak performance, no matter your gaming style.

Here's why you should care:

  • Experience uninterrupted smoothness: Say goodbye to lag and stutters with Network Optimization.
  • Play any game, flawlessly: Multiple Support ensures top performance across various genres.
  • Unlock each game's full potential: Special Analysis intelligently fine-tunes settings for each game.
  • Lightweight and efficient: Light Application keeps the app resource-friendly, preserving battery life.
  • Personalize your gaming space: Create a comfortable and engaging environment with a Customizable Interface.

What Makes FahrezONE G Vortex APK Stand Out?

Experience Uninterrupted Smoothness with Network Optimization

Imagine this: you're in the middle of an intense online battle, and suddenly, your game stutters. Frustrating, right? Network Optimization in FahrezONE My ID tackles this issue head-on. It prioritizes your game's network visitors, making sure a smooth and uninterrupted online gaming revel. This approach has much less lag, fewer stutters, and extra time dominating the opposition.

Network Optimization also focuses on maintaining stable ping. For those unfamiliar with the term, ping refers to the time it takes for a signal to travel from your device to the game server and back. A decreased ping translates to quicker reaction instances, providing you with a competitive aspect in online video games.

Play More, Explore More with Extensive Game Support

FahrezONE My ID isn't picky about the games you play. Whether you're into fast-paced online multiplayer battles, captivating solo adventures, or casual offline titles, Multiple Support has you covered. This feature in the free version APK 2024 ensures optimal performance across a wide range of game genres, allowing you to explore the vast landscape of mobile gaming without limitations.

Smart Analysis

Special Analysis takes game optimization to a whole new level. This intelligent feature analyzes each game you play and fine-tunes settings specifically for its requirements. Think of it as your in-app game whisperer, ensuring you experience each game at its absolute best.

Light on Resources, Heavy on Performance

FahrezONE My ID understands that gamers don't want an app that drains their battery life faster than they can level up. That's why they have developed Light Application. This technology keeps FahrezONE My ID 2024 aid-friendly, meaning it makes use of minimum area and processing power. As a result, your cellphone can focus on handing over a smooth gaming enjoyment without sacrificing battery existence.

Personalize Your Gaming Space

Make your gaming environment truly your own with Customizable Interface. This feature in APK version 2024 allows you to personalize the look and feel of your game launcher within the app. Choose from various themes and layouts to create a comfortable and visually appealing gaming space that reflects your personality.

Bonus Features

In addition to the core features mentioned above, FahrezONE My ID offers several other functionalities to enhance your mobile gaming experience:

  • Game Booster: Optimizes your device's resources by freeing up RAM and closing unnecessary background apps.
  • Game Filter: Organizes all your games in one place for easy access and management.
  • Game V-Space: Creates an isolated environment to monitor your device's performance while you play.

Best Tips for Using FahrezONE My ID APK For Android

  • Get the most out of the Game Booster: Before launching your game, close any unnecessary background apps that might be consuming resources. This allows the Game Booster on Android to have a greater impact on your gaming performance.
  • Fine-tune for peak performance: Experiment with different settings within Special Analysis to find the optimal configuration for each game you play. This can make a significant difference in your overall gaming experience.
  • Create a personalized haven: Don't forget to customize your interface to create a gaming environment that you enjoy. A comfortable and engaging space can further enhance your enjoyment of the game.
  • Be mindful of battery consumption: While FahrezONE My ID focuses on performance, it's important to remember that it might increase battery consumption slightly. Keep this in mind and adjust your settings or playing time accordingly.

FahrezONE My ID 2024

The Advantages and Disadvantages of


  • Smooth performance enhancement for lag-free gaming.
  • Stable network connectivity, minimizing latency during online gameplay.
  • Support for more than one video game, catering to various gaming possibilities.
  • Specialized evaluation optimizes settings for each game.
  • Lightweight application conserves device assets and battery life.


  • Increased battery consumption during intensive gaming sessions.
  • Interruption of background apps may affect multitasking capabilities.
  • Potential device overheating due to intensive resource utilization.

Download and Install Guide

Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Head over to, a trusted source for APK downloads, and follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to and search for FahrezONE My ID APK.
  • Click on the download link and wait for the APK file to download.
  • Once downloaded, locate the file on your device and tap to install.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Launch FahrezONE My ID and start enjoying enhanced gaming performance instantly.

Game Vortex APK


FahrezONE My ID APK stands as a game-changing utility app for Android game enthusiasts. With its unprecedented performance enhancement, community optimization, and customizable interface, the free version 2024 has cemented its function as a must-have device for gamers seeking the closing gaming revel in 2024. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore enthusiast, FahrezONE My ID is your gateway to smoother, more immersive gameplay.

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