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Garden of Banban 4 Mobile

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK 0.1.4 (Android Game)

May 17, 2023

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK is a puzzle adventure game full of mysteries at Banban kindergarten and take care of your garden for rewards. Download now!

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile
Name Garden of Banban 4 Mobile
Updated 2023-05-17
Compatible with 5.0 And up
Last version 0.1.4
Size 64 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Puzzle
Developer Zephyr Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK - A journey full of mysteries at Banban kindergarten

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK will bring you an adventure into exploring Banban's mysterious school. Start exploring the hidden mystery at this kindergarten and investigate this school, why is it so mysterious? The game supports downloads for many devices on the Android platform for free so you can download and experience and the article below will provide information to you!

About Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK

In this version Garden of Ban Ban 4 Android APK will bring you a refreshing experience based on the mysterious disappearance in a center and is transformed by the publisher into the mysterious disappearance of Banban kindergarten. Your mission is to combine with many others together to discover terrible mysteries and solve puzzles to be able to win over the green giant monster.

Garden of Banban Mobile 4 APK

At the beginning of the game you have to skillfully survive until the end while on your way to finding mysteries beneath the basement of the kindergarten. You have to quickly find more clues because in your hands you are capturing very little information. It will be difficult for you to decipher the cause, why do all the problems associated with this school disappear in turn?

Because this school is considered a part of the students that is part of the people here up to a hundred years. But the disappearance of the Banban school is a mystery. This school has a very close connection with the children who make friends and where they take care of their own garden right at Banban school. This is a beautiful memory for the children and parents. So you have to investigate and solve this case.

Garden of Banban Mobile 4 APK gives users a mysterious depth game with many different perspectives. On the way to search and solve the secret, do not fear that you will fight alone behind you, there are many other companions who will accompany you. You need to make sure your life is away from other creatures that damage and expend energy. For blocking the final battle the confrontation friend is the blue giant monster full of cruelty and cunning. To be able to win you need to solve puzzles and the support of a remote control plane will help you reach places with difficult terrain.

Download game Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK for Android

In addition to taking part in solving the mystery from the kindergarten, you can create a garden and take care of it. The crops are pre-set for players to choose from. These plants will have a separate character to be able to care for and have their own rewards. There are a lot of different plants you can choose where to plant fittings for growing plants. In addition, you can feed him and dairy cows. These products you can sell and get money.

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK is a very interesting game because children should draw up many colors of attractiveness and creativity of the child. Should have created a system that allows the creation of interiors, accessories and other decorative items. Let players delight in designing and using in-store resources thanks to the performance of tasks and events.

Garden of Banban 4 Android APK is a children's game that makes it possible for children to develop their brain when solving puzzles and, along with vibrant colorful graphics, makes the game very attractive. The parents can experience playing with their children directly on this app. Start exploring this game now!

Features of Garten of Banban 4 Mobile APK

A game that uses the best thinking ability for children with puzzles from the challenges of the adventure to find the mystery at Banban kindergarten. So the child will be very accessible, in addition to being able to take care of his garden for rewards. A fun filled game that you can download and explore.

Garten of Banban 4 Mobile APK

Realistic playing environment

Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK gives players an environment with realistic space that ensures players can interact with the characters, to bring an extremely exciting game. The character will begin to come into contact and fight with colorful, aggressive creatures and you have to get information from that giant blue monster. By destroying the creatures along the way to find their way to the hiding place of the green giant monster.

Graphics and simple interface

To give players a true experience, graphics are important to attract players, so using ultra-sharp 3D graphics makes your characters and gardens gorgeous.

Help players play in the simplest way without obstacles, the interface is designed to be minimalistic and friendly, so players can easily enjoy this game.

Many puzzles make it easy to lose trick

This game will be the time when you take advantage of your judgment and think to give the correct answer without being wounded when answering wrong. At the beginning of this fascinating adventure, you must beware of the dangers around you that are always stalking and threatening whenever. It takes perseverance and courage to overcome these challenges! Obstacles will not be able to make it difficult for you, when you can calmly answer and find clues, answer questions and be able to destroy the Green Monster.

Garden of Banban 4 Android APK

A game full of fun brings you a ghostly space with extremely attractive sounds. This will be a new experience that the game wants to bring to you. Start pressing the Download game Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK for Android at the bottom to own an extremely fun and fun game now!


Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK will bring you an exciting adventure game mixed with role playing elements. Bring to you a completely new game when conquering puzzles to pick up the information to go to destroy the green monster. Also, take good care of your garden to pick up the coins to serve during your adventure. What are you waiting for? Own this game right for your Android device.

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