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Gift of Hedone

Gift of Hedone Mod APK 1.3 (Android Game, Latest Version)

May 13, 2023

Gift of Hedone APK will be where you can become a detective investigating a horrible case in the alleys of the town, download it now!

Gift of Hedone
Name Gift of Hedone
Updated 2023-05-13
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.3
Size 33 MB
MOD Android Game, Latest Version
Category Adventure
Developer Gift of Hedone
Price Free
Google Play Link

Gift of Hedone APK - Game of solving crimes and mysteries in the inside of town

This game gives you a simulation world that will be suitable for many users who love the genre, now you can download Gift of Hedone APK on devices with Android platform. With many secrets behind the alleys in the city and caught by security cameras, unexpected secrets are discovered. Let's explore this game with us and read the information below!

About Gift of Hedone APK

Gift of Hedone A Spicy RPG APK is a game based on the fictional world in Japan. For an exciting game, with a unique storyline inspired by dark alleys, the player's task is to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to complete the mission.

Gift of Hedone Game download APK

This will be an interesting game when you love to investigate and discover the secrets behind it and become a spy to solve the case, then this game will be very suitable for you.

When it comes to the game that offers you different levels, each level is a different difficulty and separate challenges. As you search for clues, you can do quests to get coins, avoid obstacles and take down enemies as you progress through the level. The difficulty levels increase gradually as the player reaches higher levels. That factor will contribute to making your game more dramatic.

At the beginning of the game you will play the role of a guard in a small town, this job is very suitable for you to check the alleys in that town with a security camera. In this game, the user is following a large and secret project. To be able to track them, it is necessary to use technology to be able to track them without being detected.

This game is very popular with the way of solving cases, so it is very popular on simulation game platforms.

When I started to play and check, the camera discovered a terrible truth behind it and it reappeared in my workplace. But he was also decisive for this decision.

Download game Gift of Hedone APK for Android

Gift of Hedone Game download APK is a very interesting game that brings the attraction between fiction and simulation when crimes and shocking events begin to happen in 12 locations in town. This is a fun adventure game that allows you to download without taking up too much space.

Just download Gift of Hedone APK latest version right away, you will own the latest updated features today and enjoy the adventure into solving the secret behind the cases in the game without limitation. This game is highly appreciated and downloaded by many users Gift of Hedone A Spicy RPG APK Full Game and experience it with its unique gameplay and vividly used graphics that are attracted by the details from the game.

Outstanding features in each feature of the Gift of Hedone APK Full Game application

You will feel excited when experiencing the adventure and exciting detective game. You have to protect the girls from possible dangers in the city in the coming time. The following special features will assist you in completing the goal of the game set up.

Choose the plot according to your liking

Gift of Hedone APK Full Game

The flexible application changes the story according to different players. You are allowed to create for yourself a completely new storyline and experience the story progression for yourself, the story will eventually lead to the outcome depending on each stage of solving and passing 12 locations of the game to successfully complete the task.

Diverse play area

The game revolves around the role-playing story of becoming a security guard to ensure the safety of 4 girls through 12 different locations. For each such location, you must be the one to explore and solve the bad things that are happening here. When moving, limit the girls into hidden and dark areas. Use your skills and intelligence to think and decipher possible cases in the game.

No ads

This is the calculation most requested by users. The publisher understands the feelings of users. Therefore, in this latest version you will not see any irrelevant ads appear. This feature was quickly integrated and attracted a large number of users to download.

Vivid graphics, easy to use interface

The game possesses 2D graphics that combine sharp realistic images carved by the character and the surrounding scenery of the city. Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface.

Gift of Hedone A Spicy RPG APK Full Game

This is a fun and dramatic game, bringing players to many different emotions. Depending on how you choose the content of your story, it can lead to different results. Download game Gift of Hedone APK for Android to have the opportunity to enjoy all the interesting features and experiences from the application. There are 2 methods for you to download it: download it directly from the link of this website or available in the Google Play Store.


Gift of Hedone APK this is an exciting adventure game when exploring the case right where you work. You have to complete the missions to be able to pass the levels, note the levels are getting harder and harder so you need to have a clear strategy to be able to overcome the obstacles and take down your opponents. Possessing a user friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to use, download the app now for a secret adventure in your work area!

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