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Goodrx App for Android

Goodrx App for Android APK 7.49.0 (Prescription Saver)

Jun 20, 2023

Goodrx App for Android is an application that helps users save money when buying drugs, receiving many coupons and participating in promotional events.

Goodrx App for Android
Name GoodRx: Prescription Coupons
Updated 2024-03-04
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 7.49.0
Size 58 MB
MOD Prescription Saver
Category Tools
Developer GoodRx
Price free
Google Play Link

Goodrx App for Android - App that supports users to buy cost effective drugs

If you are concerned about buying prescriptions at different prices, the Goodrx App for Android will be the option for you. You can easily buy prescriptions reliably when you know the price and there are many incentives when using this application. In addition, it makes it possible to look for a variety of suitable drugs according to your requirements and relatives at a reduced price. Once you have become a GoodRx member, users will be given prescriptions provided by the healthcare provider. And buy at a good price with many pharmacies. Allows you to download the application completely free on the free Android platform. The article below will share useful information about this application. Do not rush to miss!

Goodrx App for Android

About GoodRx: Prescription Saver App for Mobile

Goodrx App for Android is a useful app for Android operating system users. This is quite a popular application in many countries around the world. This is the app for those who are looking for ways to save costs when buying drugs. Goodrx App Free Download for Android to help you search, compare drug prices and especially you will save money when buying drugs. The application will provide tools for you to compare prices between different retailers in the market, the price information is always updated every day so its new level is very high and accurate. This will make it easy to choose an affordable retail store so as not to lose money on overpriced drugs.

Goodrx App Android brings users full information about the drugs that are allowed to use on the market today. Different drugs will have different doses of use, the application will also divide according to the appropriate group of drugs and instructions on how to take the prescribed dosage. And each drug on the packaging has anti-counterfeit stamps to help the buyer not be mistaken, but buy a fake. In addition, the price will also be listed at the market price so that the buyer can buy the right price. Promotions and discount codes will also be continuously updated so that users who purchase drugs of that type can ask questions about ongoing promotional events. Sometimes you will buy medicinal products at a very cheap price.

The application has a simple easy to use interface that makes it possible to quickly search for drugs according to the needs of use. You can enter the name of the drug, origin or type of disease to be treated so that the application can search for the right product for you. The app also supports you to prescribe medications, adjust medications and dosages reasonably so that you can cure the disease as quickly as possible.

Goodrx App Free Download for Android

Features of Goodrx App Free download for Iphone

Coming to this Goodrx App for Android users can search for prescription drugs at good prices without worrying about buying high prices. Users will receive a variety of offers and various discount codes and be applied to pharmacies. In order to expect users to be able to buy the right drugs without worrying about the price. So this app is very much appreciated by many users for the features they bring. Support you can buy drugs more easily for your loved one. Along with the series of features below:

Market prescription price comparison

The following is the ability to compare prescriptions with this feature that has been loved by many users with their convenience. Good Rx App Free Download makes it possible to buy the right drug at the right price without being overbought in pharmacies. In addition, when you come to the application you are free to search for various prescription drugs. You just need to provide all the relevant information and put the price list in the drug store. This feature will conduct analysis and make it possible to find the desired drug name with just a few simple operations. This is a great app that helps you save a decent amount of money to cater for the next spending. A great app that you should not miss.


The app also gives users a series of offers from pharmacies and coupons to be able to reduce a little cost when buying drugs according to the doctor's prescription. It's great when you own this app micro discount codes will be constantly updated so that you can choose to apply on drug purchases. When you come to this app you will be discounted and will be shown the price at the last section. You only need to pay the correct amount of the discount already applied. Users can scan discount codes on power or print codes and take them to places you want to buy offline!

Good Rx App Free Download

Drug information

With this ability you can easily buy genuine medicine boxes by providing information and choosing the right place to buy. Help users to avoid buying poor quality goods that affect health and insecurity. Goodrx App for Android will allow users to learn the information just by providing the name you want to know. We will immediately display the ingredients, side effects, instructions for use, etc. This is very beneficial for you to be able to capture the information and make the correct choices when buying drugs in stores.

Ability to locate drugs

Download Goodrx App for Android this app will experience many different amazing features such as the ability to locate the drug store. Help users can determine the address of the sale of prestigious and quality drugs, according to the location of the map. And provide information so that you can contact for a more thorough consultation with the drugs you want to use. In addition, the app can also create an appointment for you to take medications on time according to your doctor's prescription. This is a great app that you should download for your family to be able to easily choose and buy drugs at the best price!

Download Goodrx App for Android


Goodrx App for Android is the app that brings a lot of benefits to users. Buying a drug does not need to worry about quality goods, whether the price is correct, is there sufficient information. You can safely use the information that the application provides. The application is always up to date with the latest, most accurate information about prices, information, new drugs, promotions of pharmacies. Please feel free to download the app to get more incentives and save money when buying drugs offline.

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