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Hornycraft APK v0.14.2 (Android/Port/Code, Simulator Game)

Sep 11, 2023

Hornycraft APK is an adventure game that builds wealth and relationships.

Name Hornycraft
Updated 2023-09-11
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version v0.14.2
Size 729 MB
MOD Android/Port/Code, Simulator Game
Category Adventure
Developer Shadik
Price Free
Google Play Link

Hornycraft APK - Adventure collecting resources and building dating relationships

The theme of adventure games always brings something new to gamers and it is always very well received. Hornycraft APK is also the name that will bring the most unique and outstanding to you. The game opens up a world for you to discover a lot of things in it. With what the publisher invests in this game will not disappoint you. Quickly visit the article below for more content of this game.

Hornycraft APK

About game Hornycraft APK

Hornycraft APK For Android is a male adventure and role playing game that explores a richer life. Players will take part in adventures to tap resources from the locations on the map that the game offers. The resources you earn can be sold in exchange for the necessary diamonds, gems or items. Try to collect a lot to build your house to become the largest in that area. And you need to build close relationships with girls so that you can find someone you love. Players will have to complete these two important missions to pass the rounds played in this game.

Most attractions of Hornicraft APK game

Hornycraft APK Android/Port for players can discover fascinating simulation space with vast worlds. With this world players will have the opportunity to become billionaires and fulfill their dreams with luxury lifestyles. Participating in this game there are many interesting things that you should discover to get an attractive game. When it is possible to build your own kingdom when you can do whatever you want without anyone being able to stop you. You are allowed to buy expensive cars and go to the places of the elite. Players will discover and live in the house you dream of and share their interests with everyone around them.

Then to make a highlight you can redecorate the interior of the house and perform tasks such as washing the car, cleaning the courtyard, cleaning the house,etc. Give you a feeling of being full of authenticity with many intriguing details. In addition, you can meet with many other characters and then ask the board to interact with them. To help you create a romantic date with a character that you feel impressed when you start a conversation. More interestingly, you can learn character personality or hobby to progress the relationship. What stands out in this game is that you have a lot of money and should cause attention to many other beautiful characters.

Download Hornycraft APK

Don't forget to find valuable items and build resources around to make your income. Upgrade your lifestyle through managing your spending to get a rest how many people dream of. There are many different tasks that you have to complete within the given time. In this game to extend the time for you to perform tasks by building dating relationships with partners. So, this is a luxurious and dating style game that makes you immerse yourself in unique challenging activities and discover now!

Special features about game Hornycraft APK

Explore new areas

Hornycraft Code also allows players to unlock many other locations so that you can locate your home and expensive carriers. Bring a vast map for you to discover many other locations and buy real estate plots for investment. In addition to helping you explore places, it also generates new income and relationships. So, this is a fascinating game that you need to discover when there are many interesting things in the game.

Crafting many unique items

Hornycraft Simulator Game APK allows players to collect various resources to craft items. Make it possible to explore the open world and exploit valuable resources to create useful items. It's better when you can design and create items manually your way.

Interact with multiple characters

Come to this game players will be exploring an open world full of authenticity. So you will meet many different characters around your house. Then you will start a conversation and interact with them to get to know each other better. In addition, you can also date the characters, to be able to help you complete the task. Along with the questions you have to give the correct answer to bring to the game results according to your wishes.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Hornycraft APK Latest Version

Realistic experience of this game

In my opinion, this is quite a fun game to entertain. The game takes me to a virtual world but full of truth. Here, I can go through a lot of tasks to finally accomplish the set goal. The game with many superior features help me get adventure and build a rich life in this game. Not only that, but I also meet very beautiful girl characters. Everything about this game is great.

Hornycraft Code


  • Explore different areas to collect resources
  • Construction of the collected diamond house
  • Creating a dating story with female characters
  • Simple but very attractive gameplay


  • Meet the device configuration of absolute compatibility with the game
  • APK files only support download for Android operating system

FAQs about game Hornycraft APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe to download the game right at this site. This game is experienced by many users and most of them respond very positively. According to statistics, this game is very well rated and there are no problems affecting the device when playing.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is easy at the info section of this article. Click on the shared link and follow the instructions.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need to equip Android device configuration from 4.4 and above.

Does this game need an internet connection when playing?

Yes, players must have a stable internet connection to play smoothly.

Hornicraft APK


Hornycraft APK is a simulation game for you to discover the open world. Come to this game you will become a billionaire and live the dream life. Since it is an interactive game, you will have to chat with many characters to help you complete tasks in a certain time. So this is a game full of fun that you should Download Hornycraft APK right on the website start downloading for free!

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