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Last Train JK

Last Train JK APK 1.1 (Android Game)

May 21, 2023

Download Last Train JK APK Unlimited Unlocked to start your apocalypse escape adventure. The train ride is a dramatic last chance.

Last Train JK
Name Last Train JK
Updated 2023-05-21
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 24 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Moyasix
Price Free
Google Play Link

Last Train JK APK – The Apocalypse Action Adventure Game

Have you played doomsday game titles before? Last Train JK APK brings a sense of excitement and urgency to players. How to escape this dangerous apocalypse? The train is your last chance. Quests and obstacles will appear during the run. What do you need to do? Read more about the plot, gameplay and outstanding features of this mod below!

JK On The Last Train APK

About Last Train JK APK

Last Train JK Mod APK is a very unique and interesting apocalypse simulation game. It offers a realistic train driving experience and many other stimulating elements for players. Players will be given the choice to pilot many different ships during this difficult escape.

The compelling storyline gives players a dramatic action adventure. The train that you will join is the only chance to keep humans from becoming extinct. You will transform into a hero as you lead the survivors forward. In the process of moving you and your team will encounter countless dangers.

Last Train JK APK Full Game for players to experience the exciting adventure in a comprehensive way. A sense of danger can strike at any moment. In addition, complex puzzles will appear continuously. In addition to top-notch fighting skills, players need to answer questions skillfully.

Overcoming each difficulty and successfully protecting the passengers on board will bring you many great rewards. JK On The Last Train APK provides many levels for players to participate in. When you win in the easy levels, you will go to the more difficult stages. To overcome them you should use your rewards or collectibles to upgrade equipment.

Upgrading equipment helps you increase your combat power and can withstand upcoming difficulties. In addition to providing a real ship driving experience, players also learn many other survival skills. They certainly won't let you down.

Download game Last Train JK APK for Android

How to play Last Train JK APK

The gameplay of this game is not too difficult, but you need to focus more to get the final victory. After downloading this mod using our link and completing the installation then you can start your journey.

This mod will guide you on how to control the character you are incarnating. The control steps are easy when you just need to swipe the screen to control the movement.

Players need to avoid the obstacles that appear on the way and collect the available items. They are an important resource to help you upgrade your strength.

The game will be over when you get out of danger. However, if you hit an obstacle or fall off the ship, the game will end and you will lose.

To quickly win in JK On The Last Train APK Full Game, you can refer to some tips below:

  • Choose the right train for your level: each train will have a different travel speed and difficulty. You should choose the train that suits your playing style for more chances of winning.

  • Collect coins and upgrade power: players need to collect more resources for themselves to overcome more obstacles. You should collect as much as you can to use when needed.

  • Pay attention to time: besides paying attention to movement, players need to pay attention to time. Align the standard timelines to change lanes or jump. Don't let yourself fall off the train.

Last Train JK APK Full Game

Features of Last Train JK APK

Last Train JK APK Latest Version possesses many impressive features that can assist players in this exciting adventure.

Multiple levels of play

Last Train JK APK developer wants to give players a more diverse gaming experience. Therefore, they have been given various levels, from difficult to easy. Beginners can choose the basic level to get used to. More difficult journeys can begin after your movement and combat skills get better.

Each level has its challenges. This stimulates the desire to conquer many players. If you're really interested, take it.

Impressive graphics

Last Train JK APK wants to give players the most stimulating experience. Therefore, in addition to investing in obstacles and storylines, the game's graphics are also meticulously designed.

The background and characters are meticulously designed in every detail to make you feel like you are in the apocalypse. Players will have a more immersive and enjoyable feeling when obstacles appear.

Various Weapons

To fight to protect everyone on the runaway train, you can equip yourself with many different weapons. The developer allows you to use weapons such as grenades, guns and knives. In addition to running skills, you should learn more fighting skills to easily defeat opponents.

JK On The Last Train APK Full Game

Download game Last Train JK APK for Android

Last Train JK APK offers a thrilling journey for everyone involved. Players are not only transformed into responsible hero, but also participate in a unique adventure. There are many dangers lurking, but with your level and skill, it is a stimulus.

If you want to download this game then click our link below. It is completely safe and suitable for any Android device.


The entertainment with apocalypse simulation games is becoming a craze. It is not simply an entertaining game. You can learn more survival and combat skills from Last Train JK APK. If you want to have an interesting journey to save the world, you should not miss this mod!

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