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Monthly Entertainment

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK 1.0.262 (Unlocked Everything, Max Level)

May 20, 2023

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK is a game that simulates the process running your entertainment company, releasing artists every month. Download now.

Monthly Entertainment
Name Monthly Entertainment
Updated 2023-11-22
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0.262
Size 67 MB
MOD Unlocked Everything, Max Level
Category Simulation
Developer 608Factory
Price Free
Google Play Link

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK - Entertainment company management game and artist training

This game brings the genre of pixel simulation, giving players a great feeling of immersion into a CEO Managing famous artists. The player's task is to develop his company by recruiting girls or boys with singing talents and organizing performances so that they can communicate with the public and show their talents.

In order for many people to know and bring profit to the company, do not forget to develop a very important brand for an entertainment company that wants to be famous. An extremely attractive game with many players who love Management in the field of entertainment, this will be the choice for you.

Monthly Idol 2 Mod APK Unlocked Everything

About Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Max Level 

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK is a simulation game about the world's leading entertainment company for the launch of a series of talented artists. You will take on the role as the company's CEO and have to fulfill your mission of managing and launching new artists monthly. The first thing you need to do at the start of the Monthly Ent Mod APK Unlimited Money game is to plan and time specific to perform your management tasks for trainees who are studying in corporate aptitude classes.

You will operate the company's regulations to promote the learning process and practice of trainees so that they quickly complete to become real artists. Each trainee here will have a different color style. People are good at singing, people are good at dancing, people are good at acting. However, you want more of that and train them to be holistic people in every way.

And when you join Monthly Idol 2 Mod APK Unlocked Everything from training, costumes, living expenses for them are supported for free. After hard training and training, each month the company will organize an internal contest to recruit qualified members to prepare to appear in public and start a series of show days around the world.

Download game Monthly Entertainment Mod APK for Android

Each month, your company needs to debut at least 1 group and 1 solo artist to achieve the company's sales growth target. And as the foundation for review is the largest entertainment company in the country and worldwide. Maintain your form and become a good CEO.

Monthly Entertainment will be home to the world's leading entertainment artists. Not only active in the entertainment sector, but the company also strives to develop relationships with many famous fashion brands to promote the brand and name of the artists under the management of the company. The better you manage the company, and the more artists topping the world rankings will help the company grow stronger.

Highlights Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK is the game of building an entertainment company, your task is to grow your company to many people. So you need to look for company talents so that they can contribute to making your company famous through their talents. When they are famous and known to the public this is when you collect a fairly large sum of money.

But the trade off is that you have to know how to arrange work and travel time logics so that your idol can be comfortable. So the features below will assist you throughout the construction of the company.

Trainee selection debut

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Unlimited Everything

There are many records submitted to your company, so you need to filter the trainees based on the company's criteria to choose the most suitable trainees. To start training and improve each person's abilities as each trainee will have different abilities. The player must then form the most appropriate groups and considerations as each trainee will have a distinct personality.

Your job is to try to build a popular music group and they will get along well. When it will give a very popular group especially style, you can customize the character to become impressive when appearing at performances.

Brand advertising

In order for the company to become famous players need to promote their brand to the public with various measures. Like hosting many events in many areas when you have just brought the stars you train to reach the public, then your company will start to be famous and bring huge revenue. Monthly Entertainment Mod APK is an extremely attractive game that allows users to build a leading management company in terms of training young talent.

Known to many

Once you have started to be famous you have to arrange the schedules of idols so that they can be free and reasonable. Initially you and the stars have to sign promotional contracts from many TV shows, music shows and many events. At that time the arrangement of the time and schedule of the stars is so dense that the management will become complicated but for the sake of the company, the player has to work hard. Once you have a solid position, you will be more comfortable about arranging work for your idol on the go. In addition, the revenue is extreme.

Discover famous places in the world

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Max Level

When touring you and the idols will be going to many famous places in the world. It is also time for your idol to relax after stressful moments and be able to socialize with fans all over the world. Since the tour will take place in each famous venue, enjoying the moments of viewing the scene with those performances will be very meaningful and impressive so that players can keep memorable moments for the stars and companies that are more cohesive.

Monthly Entertainment Mod APK Unlimited Apple and Gems is extremely interesting that you need to experience becoming the owner of a famous entertainment company.

Don't worry the game will be limited in time but no you will experience the game without limits giving you the best experience wherever you are. Download game Monthly Entertainment Mod APK for Android this fascinating game to discover a game where you can manage the famous stars today!


Monthly Entertainment Mod APK is a healthy playground for those who dream of becoming the owner of an entertainment company that is at the top of the world. The game has the desire to give the player many interesting experiences by well fulfilling the goals set in the game. Download the game app to show off your good business and management talents.

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