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Pikpak App 1.42.5 (Safe Cloud and Video Saver)

Nov 28, 2023

Pikpak App is a file storage app merging Telegram's power, providing seamless cloud storage.

Name PikPak-Safe Cloud, Video Saver
Updated 2024-01-16
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.42.5
Size 60 MB
MOD Safe Cloud and Video Saver
Category Productivity
Price Free
Google Play Link

Pikpak App Unleashed | Streamlining File Management with Cloud Efficiency and Telegram’s Power for Seamless Sharing

Welcome to the world of Pikpak App, a ground-breaking program that mixes the capability of Cloud Garage with the electricity of Telegram to provide you with a simple and powerful manner to manage your documents. Pikpak is prepared to meet your goal of having a hassle-free manner to keep and distribute documents throughout many platforms. We'll take a look at Pikpak's key attributes and advantages on this publish, in addition to the reasons why it differs from different cloud-based storage options.

Pikpak App

What is Pikpak App?

Pikpak Free is a revolutionary application that revolutionizes the realm of file sharing and storage. Pikpak makes use of Telegram bots to make use of Telegram's boundless potential in order to provide a distinctive cloud storage experience. Imagine having the ability to quickly and easily share any file, no matter how big, on your preferred social media networks. That is precisely what Pikpak offers.

Pikpak is lovely because it is so easy. You can hold a wide range of stuff, from papers and films to pix and motion pictures, with a 2 GB capacity restriction consistent with the record. When you want to proportion those files, Pikpak does its magic, creating hyperlinks that can be comfortably shared on extensively used networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter. Additionally, you will always recognize what you're downloading because all documents include previews.

Attractive Points of The App

Pikpak Download is attractive for numerous reasons, making it a move-to choice for those seeking an intuitive and efficient document storage answer. The free version on my own offers a beneficiant 6 GB of storage, ensuring you have got enough area on your critical documents. However, for people with larger storage wishes, Pikpak gives an attractive option – a subscription-primarily based plan that boasts a whopping 10 TB of garage.

Attractive Features of The App’s Latest Version

Features Overview 

Let's dive into the features that set Pik Pak App apart within the crowded global of record garage apps. At its core, Pikpak is designed for simplicity and efficiency. It takes the trouble out of coping with your files, supplying a seamless enjoyment from file collection to sharing.

Cloud Storage Capacity

Imagine having up to 10TB of cloud storage at your fingertips. Pikpak makes this a reality, allowing you to store a staggering 8000 video files. Whether you're a content creator, a professional, or just someone with a penchant for collecting memories, Pikpak ensures you never run out of space.

Powerful Telegram Bot

Pikpak's Telegram bot is a game-changer. With just one click, you can forward and save files and links from platforms like Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. This powerful feature streamlines the process of collecting your favorite files, making Pikpak an invaluable tool for content enthusiasts.

Pikpak Free

Acceleration Technology

Speed subjects and Pikpak is aware of that. Its main acceleration era guarantees that each one of your files is hastily transferred to the cloud, saving you valuable time. Whether it's a record or an excessive-definition video, Pikpak's acceleration generation guarantees a quick and efficient transfer.

Convenient Preview

Pikpak's reachable preview tool elevates the person's experience to a brand new stage. Users can look at pix and films inside the app before downloading. In addition to saving time, this offers you similar assurance that you may get hold of simply what you want.

File Management

Organization is key, and Pikpak Safe Cloud, Video Saver understands that too. With the ability to create folders, managing your files becomes a breeze. Whether you're categorizing your content or simply keeping things tidy, Pikpak empowers you to take control of your digital space.

Author's Experience and Advantages/Disadvantages

User Review

Before we dive into my experience, let's see what users are saying about is Pikpak Safe.

  • User Review 1: I stumbled upon Pikpak when searching for a reliable cloud storage solution. The free 6 GB storage was a game-changer for me. The Telegram bot integration is brilliant, making it super easy to collect files from various platforms.

  • User Review 2: Pikpak has become my go-to app for storing and sharing files. The 10 TB subscription is a steal for the amount of storage it provides. The acceleration technology ensures speedy transfers, and the file preview feature is incredibly convenient.

  • User Review 3: While Pikpak is generally excellent, I did face occasional slowdowns in file transfers. It's not a dealbreaker, but something to be aware of. The 10 TB subscription is fantastic for heavy users like me.

Pikpak Download


  • Generous Free Storage: Pikpak's free version offers a substantial 6 GB of storage. For users with moderate file storage needs, this is more than enough. It's a fantastic place to begin for the ones exploring the app's talents.

  • Massive Cloud Storage Capacity: The subscription-based 10 TB plan is a standout feature. With the ability to store up to 8000 video files, Pikpak caters to both casual users and content creators who require extensive storage space.

  • Efficient Telegram Bot Integration: The Telegram bot integration sets Pikpak apart. With a single click, you can effortlessly forward and save files and links from various platforms. This characteristic streamlines the record series manner, making it a user-friendly experience.


  • Occasional Slowdowns: Some users, including myself, have experienced occasional slowdowns in file transfers. While this does not extensively affect the overall revel in, it's worth noting for individuals who prioritize speed.

  • Subscription Cost for Extensive Storage: While the 6 GB free storage is generous, the 10 TB subscription comes at a cost of .99 per month. For customers with big garage needs, this is probably a worthwhile investment. However, it's essential to weigh the cost against the value provided.

  • Dependence on Telegram: As Pikpak heavily relies on Telegram for its functionality, users who are not familiar with or do not use Telegram may find the initial setup and usage a bit foreign. It's a consideration for those looking for a standalone solution.

FAQs about  The App

Is it safe to download Pikpak?

Absolutely. is a reputable platform, and downloading Pikpak from there ensures a secure and secure installation process. However, it's continually endorsed to download apps from professional sources to guarantee authenticity and protection.

How to download Pikpak?

Just access the link below and follow the instructions on the screen.

Other Questions

  • Can I use Pikpak without a subscription?: Yes, Pikpak offers a free version with 6 GB of storage. The subscription is for users with more extensive storage needs.

  • Can I share files with non-Pikpak users?: Yes, the links created by Pikpak can be shared with anyone, even if they don't have the app. It's a convenient way to share files seamlessly.

  • Is there a limit to the number of files I can store in Pikpak?: No, there is no specific limit on the number of files you can store. The limit is based on storage capacity, and Pikpak's 10 TB subscription offers ample space for extensive file collections.

  • Can I access my files from different devices?: Yes, Pikpak allows you to access your files from multiple devices by logging in with your Google account, Facebook account, or email address.

  • Does Pikpak support file previews for all types of files?: Pikpak provides convenient previews specifically for image and video files, allowing you to preview content before downloading.

Is Pikpak Safe


Pikpak App is a reliable device for everybody looking to streamline their records sharing and storing approaches. Pikpak gives a flexible answer for purchasers with unique needs thanks to its person-pleasant capabilities, which consist of a robust Telegram bot, sufficient free storage, and low-priced subscription plans. Pikpak has more blessings than downsides, despite the fact that there are a few to be aware of, like sporadic lags and the price of a big garage. Download the app to see the benefit of use for yourself if you're organized to adopt a clean and powerful record control method. Your files must have a home on Pikpak, that is intelligent and dynamic.

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