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Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant APK (Latest Version, Android App, Non Samsung)

Feb 20, 2024

Sound Assistant APK is a Samsung-developed app for Galaxy smartphones, offering enhanced control over audio settings, including volume customization and personalized sound profiles.

Sound Assistant
Name Sound Assistant
Updated 2024-02-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version
Size 22 MB
MOD Latest Version, Android App, Non Samsung
Category Music & Audio
Developer Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Enhance Your Android Audio Experience with Sound Assistant APK

Imagine your Galaxy device singing to your every whim. Music booms while calls whisper, games roar without drowning notifications, and personalized settings adapt to your day. This isn't a dream; it is the reality of Sound Assistant APK, Samsung's reputable app that unlocks the real capability of your device's audio. Get ready to ditch sound struggles and dive into a symphony of control and personalization.

Sound Assistant APK

Overview of the Samsung Sound Assistant APK

Sound Assistant APK Android 13 is a free app developed by Samsung, tailored for Galaxy smartphones. It empowers users to finely song their device's sound settings, offering an unbroken enjoyment for controlling media volumes, adjusting personal application volumes, and personalizing sound profiles.

The Attractive Features of the Sound Assistant APK Latest Version

Sound Assistant isn't just another sound app; it's a conductor's baton for your Galaxy device's audio orchestra. Here are 7 outstanding features that will transform your listening experience:

Unprecedented Media Volume Control

Ditch the frustration of ringtones interrupting your music! Sound Assistant For Non Samsung lets you control media volume independently, ensuring your games and podcasts never clash with notifications. Take it further with individual app volume control, setting the perfect balance between music and news apps. And for real precision, utilize the 150-step fine-tuning for near-microscopic volume adjustments. No more jarring jumps between levels!

Craft Your Ideal Soundscape

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all sound settings! Sound Assistant empowers you to create personalized profiles for any situation. Imagine a "Work" profile with balanced audio for calls and productivity, a "Sleep" profile with calming melodies and low volume, or an "Exercise" profile with pumping music and boosted highs. Schedule these profiles to activate automatically based on time or location, ensuring your audio seamlessly adapts to your day.

Beyond Volume: A Multi-sensory Experience

Sound Assistant elevates personalization beyond volume. Adjust vibration intensity alongside sound for a truly immersive experience. Want to feel the intensity of your workout tunes or the subtle notifications during meetings? This feature caters to it all. Furthermore, enables mono audio for advanced accessibility or centered listening, specifically helpful for audiobooks or podcasts.

Samsung Sound Assistant APK

Official App, Seamless Integration

Unlike third-party alternatives, Sound Assistant is the official app from Samsung, developed and supported for optimal compatibility and security with your Galaxy device. Enjoy a clean, intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with the system, avoiding the clunky feel of external apps. And the best part? It's completely free to download and use, accessible directly from the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store.

Floating Equalizer (EQ) Support

For audiophiles and audio enthusiasts, Sound Assistant goes above and beyond with its floating equalizer support. This characteristic allows users to quality-tune the audio frequency reaction in real-time, offering a customizable audio revel in tailor-made to character options. Whether you opt for a bass-heavy sound profile for track playback or a balanced EQ for multimedia consumption, the app empowers you to take control of your audio revels with no trouble.

Additionally, unlock exclusive features based on your Samsung Experience version. With 8.5+, customize the default volume step for even finer control. With 9.0+, enjoy the headphone side swap feature for personalized stereo imaging, and even share your EQ settings with fellow audio enthusiasts.

Personalized Sound Settings Creation

No two users are alike, and Sound Assistant recognizes this with its personalized sound settings creation feature. Users can create and prompt custom-designed sound profiles tailor-made to distinct situations, whether or not it is a quiet night at home, a hectic trip, or an exercise session at the fitness center. With the app, you can seamlessly switch between sound profiles to shape your environment, making sure immersive and tailor-made audio enjoys the place you move.

Sound Assistant APK For Android

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Sound Assistant APK For Android


  • Simplified media volume control
  • Customizable sound settings
  • Efficient individual app volume adjustment
  • Enhanced audio personalization
  • Accessibility features like mono audio support


  • Limited compatibility with older Samsung Experience versions
  • Potential for overwhelming customization options
  • Dependency on Samsung devices

How to Download Sound Assistant APK?

To download Sound Assistant, visit, a relied-on supply for Android applications. Follow the provided instructions to download and install the app securely on your device.

Download Sound Assistant APK


Download Sound Assistant APK and let your ears rejoice! From media mastery to custom profiles and advanced tweaks, Sound Assistant caters to each listening preference. It's the official app, so compatibility and security are guaranteed. Plus, it's completely free! So, ditch the sound struggles and embrace the symphony of possibilities. Whether you are an audiophile seeking the right audio balance or a person with accessibility wishes, the app has something to offer for anyone.


  • Media Control with Volume Keys: Seamlessly adjust media volumes using the device's volume keys for enhanced convenience.
  • Individual Application Volume Control: Customize volume levels for each app independently, ensuring personalized audio experiences.
  • Fine Volume Adjustment with 150 Steps: Fine-tune audio output with precision through 150 incremental volume steps.
  • Floating Equalizer (EQ) Support: Enjoy real-time customization of audio frequency response with a floating EQ interface.
  • Personalized Sound Settings Creation: Create and activate customized sound profiles tailored to different environments and scenarios.
  • Support for Mono Audio and Left/Right Balance: Accessibility features ensure an inclusive audio experience for all users.
  • Simplified Media Volume Control: Replace traditional ringtone volume control with intuitive media volume adjustments.
  • Customizable Sound Settings: Tailor sound profiles to match specific preferences and usage scenarios.
  • Efficient Individual App Volume Adjustment: Easily manage volume levels for various apps without affecting others.
  • Accessibility Features like Mono Audio Support: Enhance usability with features designed to accommodate diverse user needs.
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