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Sploot Alien

Sploot Alien APK 1.1 (Android Game)

Jul 11, 2023

Sploot Alien APK is a fighting adventure game loved by many Android users.

Sploot Alien
Name Sploot Alien
Updated 2023-07-11
Compatible with 5.11 And up
Last version 1.1
Size 25 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Sploot Alien
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this game? 

Your device will always be safe when Download Sploot Alien APK at this article. The links we provide are moderated and tested through several stages as well as having released a trial before the user launch. The trial users are randomly selected according to the registration path, so make sure the quality of the review is real. So far, there have been a lot of users around the world downloading to use and all feel very trusted with this game. Try downloading this latest update to experience the newest things.

Sploot Alien APK

Sploot Alien APK - Fighting games of aliens and hordes of insects

Sploot Alien APK is a fighting game that appeals to players with a world full of insects and an alien. Players will play the role of alien characters to participate in fierce battles with cruel insects who want to invade your world. You will fight hard to defend your territory and defeat the ferocious insects. The game creates a unique entertaining environment for players to discover many interesting puzzle pieces. Learn more about this game together in the article below.

About the highlights of the game Sploot Alien APK

Sploot Alien APK v1.0 For Android is a game that gives you an extremely fun game that is appreciated by a lot of Android users. Will give you extremely entertaining moments when becoming a perfect killer. The game is inspired by an alien and has a lot of missions for you to complete and pass the levels on behalf of the aliens. With extremely attractive graphics and gameplay will give players a top notch game.

Players will start completing missions with objectives and overcoming those obstacles to complete challenges. To accelerate the speed of the game gets faster and level up. This is a totally free fun action game on Android. The player will perform his mission to be able to rescue the planet from the dangers from very evil insects who want to invade the planet and open up attacks. Then the aliens will have to attack and destroy insects with various levels.

Download Sploot Alien APK

Fight a lot of different insects protect the world

Sploot Alien APK Descargar Gratis Para Androi will let players fight and turn into aliens with great power. And the same controller starts moving to fight and destroy insects everywhere to protect your planet. Destroying them is difficult when you are cornered into the wall and find a way to overcome it by navigating so that your score can reach the maximum. During the battle you can collect items to be able to redeem the score to be able to increase the flexibility of each level in the game. When the player wins, you will be at an increased level and you should be careful because there are obstacles that will affect your score so you have to make decisions quickly and safely.

Diverse game modes with many attractive levels

Sploot Alien APK Android will give you the experience of 10 levels that have been unlocked for free, then players will receive ratings of the frequency of their play. The game is configured with speed and obstacles will be difficult to gradually increase with each level. So you need to come up with strategies so that you are always safe as the game progresses.

In addition, Sploot Alien APK Free Download For Android also gives players a variety of modes for you to enjoy with the extremely attractive battle between you and the insects wanting to invade. This is a fascinating fighting game that you should not miss.

Sploot Alien APK Download For Android

Colorful graphics and very vivid sound

Sploot Alien APK Latest Version will bring you a version with stunning graphics. From character to context the highly detailed design makes for an extremely attractive game. Help the player have a feeling of intense fighting with insects from easy to difficult. It is one of the things that stands out to impress players.

In particular, the game also gives players a vivid sound, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game along with the sound that the game equips. So this is one of the colorful fighting games with extremely attractive continuous situations. So this is the game that you should download to be able to enjoy the moments of entertainment that only this game has. What are you waiting for without downloading now!

Realistic experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of the game

Realistic experience of the game

The game gives me a very enjoyable and fun feeling when playing. The game has many insects as well as very cute protagonists. An action game but very gentle, varied colors with different characters. The gameplay is also very simple and has specific instructions before starting to engage in real combat on the missions of the game.

Sploot Alien APK Latest Version


  • Free all that is available in the game
  • Always improve the problems of the game
  • Beautiful graphics stand out with many character images and insects


  • You need to check and update the new version manually
  • Requires a new Android compatible configuration that can be downloaded to play


Sploot Alien APK is a game that gives players fun and thrill. Players will use their inherent skills to fight with the other insects and win the victory to protect the integrity of their planet. This is a great game and it is worth playing once. Sploot Alien APK Download for Android right at the website we have shared with you a specific path in this article, you can easily download the game and experience with many other players anytime and anywhere.

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