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Thumpies APK 2.8.0 (OBB, Latest Version)

Mar 07, 2024

Thumpies APK is a rhythm-based mobile game for Android, where players match bouncing creatures to catchy tunes, offering addictive gameplay and vibrant visuals.

Name Thumpies
Updated 2024-03-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 2.8.0
Size 3 MB
MOD OBB, Latest Version
Category Arcade
Developer G-Gee
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unveiling the Musical Charm of Thumpies APK - Experience the Addictive Gameplay and Catchy Tunes in This Unique Rhythm Game!

Are you tired of the same old rhythm games with predictable note-tapping? Brace yourself for a refreshing and innovative take on the genre! Thumpies APK throws away the traditional formula and introduces a unique bouncing mechanic that will keep you hooked for hours. Dive right into a global of lovable Thumpies, catchy tracks, and quirky visuals as you manual these furry creatures to the beat. Thumpies free version 2024 for Android is a rhythm game for all and sundry, supplying attractive gameplay, numerous demanding situations, and endless amusement for players of all ages.

Thumpies APK

Overview of MSM Thumpies

Thumpies Zero isn't your average rhythm game. Forget about the usual note-tapping routine! This mobile game throws in a unique and engaging bouncing mechanic. Instead of tapping notes, you'll be guiding adorable, bunny-like creatures called Thumpies by tapping the screen in sync with the music.

Thumpies 2024 offers something for everyone. With its catchy soundtrack, fascinating visuals, and more than one trouble range, the free version 2024 caters to gamers of every age and skill range. As you progress, you may even unencumber new and wacky Thumpies Game by way of accumulating colorful butterflies. So, if you're searching for a sparkling and laugh way to enjoy the song, Thumpies is positive to get you grooving!

What Makes Thumpies APK Latest Version Stand Out?

Bouncing Beats, Not Button Mashing

Thumpies throws away the traditional note-tapping mechanic and replaces it with a dynamic and intuitive bouncing mechanic. Instead of simply tapping notes on the screen, players guide adorable, bunny-like creatures called Thumpies by tapping the screen in sync with the music's rhythm. This creates a more engaging and strategic gameplay experience compared to simply hitting buttons. You need to feel the rhythm and anticipate the Thumpies' movements to tap in time, adding a layer of depth and satisfaction that's missing in many other rhythm games.

Thumpies Game

A Feast for the Senses

Thumpies isn't always pretty much the gameplay; it is also a treat for the eyes and ears. The free version 20o24 boasts a unique and quirky art style that's full of charm and persona. The adorable Thumpies APK For Android are available in various shapes and sizes, each with their precise traits. The colourful global is in addition more advantageous via colourful butterflies that flit throughout the screen, adding to the visual attraction.

But the actual big name of the display is the catchy and various soundtrack. Composed by using award-prevailing David Kerr, the tune is specifically crafted to supplement the bouncing gameplay. The upbeat and active tunes flawlessly suit the game's quirky and eccentric subject matter, developing an immersive and fun enjoyment.

A Collection Frenzy

Thumpies go past just playing the tune with the aid of adding a further layer of fun with unlockable content. As you develop via the game, you will encounter unique colored butterflies. By tapping on those butterflies earlier than the hungry Thumpies gobble them up, you can unlock new and weird Thumpies to feature in your collection. This series aspect provides a motivational detail to the gameplay, encouraging you to play extra and enhance your capabilities to unencumber even rarer Thumpies.

Universal Appeal

Unlike a few rhythm video games that cater to a particular ability degree, Thumpies offers something for all of us. The free version 2024 capabilities multiple issue settings, allowing novices to examine the ropes at their own pace. As you enhance, you could gradually boom the difficulty to test your talents and make the gameplay challenging. This accessibility makes My Singing Monsters Thumpies appealing to players of every age and skill level, making the free version 2024 for Android/IOS a fantastic desire for households and informal game enthusiasts alike.

Critically Acclaimed Success

Thumpies has garnered glowing reviews from critics and players alike. It has been praised for its innovative gameplay, catchy music, charming visuals, and broad appeal. Appadvice even claims that "Thumpies truly does reinvent the rhythm-based game," highlighting its unique and impactful approach to the genre.

MSM Thumpies

Best Tips for Playing Thumpies on Mobile

Ready to thump to the beat? Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Start slow, master the flow: Begin with easier songs and gradually progress to more difficult ones as you get comfortable with the bouncing mechanic.
  • Listen closely: Pay close attention to the musical cues and tap the screen in sync with the beat. Focus on the rhythm and let the music guide your tapping.
  • Experiment with your Thumpies: Try out different Thumpies to see which ones you like best and discover their unique bouncing styles. Some Thumpies might bounce higher or lower, adding a touch of variety to the gameplay.
  • Don't miss those butterflies: Keep an eye out for butterflies and tap them quickly to unlock new Thumpies. Remember, the hungry Thumpies might snatch them away, so be quick and strategic!
  • Most importantly, have fun! Thumpies is all about enjoying the music and the challenge. Don't get discouraged if you miss a beat, just keep practicing and have fun in the process.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Engaging and addictive gameplay.
  • Unique bouncing mechanic.
  • Captivating musical score.
  • Progressive unlocking of content.
  • Broad appeal across age groups.


  • Limited availability of levels.
  • In-app purchases for additional content.
  • Potential for repetitive gameplay.

How to Download Thumpies APK? 

To download and install Thumpies APK Obb from

  • Visit on your Android device.
  • Search for "Thumpies" in the search bar.
  • Click on the download button next to the latest version of Thumpies.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your device.
  • Once installed, you can enjoy the musical delights of Thumpies anytime, anywhere.

My Singing Monsters Thumpies


Whether you are a seasoned rhythm game pro or a curious newcomer, Thumpies APK offers a unique and delightful experience. The free version 2024 for Android/IOS has innovative bouncing mechanics, a catchy soundtrack, and captivating visuals to create a profitable and exciting way to interact with the song. With its accessible difficulty stages and attractive unlockables, Thumpies is sure to keep you coming back for more. So, put on your headphones, grab your device, and get ready to thump to the beat with Thumpies!

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