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Varlens APK 8.8.2 (Android App)

May 05, 2023

Varlens APK is an application that gives you a professional digital photography experience through your phone, so you can shoot anytime, anywhere, download now!

Name Varlens
Updated 2023-05-05
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 8.8.2
Size 71 MB
MOD Android App
Category Photography
Developer Varlens
Price Free
Google Play Link

Varlens APK - Professional photography app like a photographer

Varlens APK gives you a super product that takes the sharpest photos without having to rely on a digital camera anymore. Now you can own the most artistic images right through your smartphone. Then the images you take through this application do not have a faint trace or broken photos at all because everything is taken care of by the software, so people can comfortably take pictures anytime, anywhere without carrying a camera. both heavy and cumbersome. Start learning with us, the information below will surely be very useful to you.

Varlens Android APK

What is Varlens APK?

This will be the most useful tool for you to be able to shoot anywhere without having to carry a digital camera anymore, now there is Varlens DSLR in Phone APK because of its high digital light reflectivity. The images produced are extremely sharp. With this upgraded version, it will support you in all aspects to help users feel like holding a camera to bring the most enjoyable experience when capturing life moments around you.

Application Varlens Android APK will make users satisfy their passion for photography. Bringing users the most advanced version that is completely free. Allows you to use advanced features without having to pay, such as DSLR photography mode, also installed inside this program. 

With many camera modes designed in this application, users can experience on their mobile device like a real camera. Single-lens reflex mode allows users to set up mirrors when they want to reflect light. So DSLR mode will help users to prevent reflections in the mirror from the back. Perfect for outdoor or portrait photography without a professional camera because now your phone can also do all the functions that the camera has through this application.

Varlens Mod APK will give you an experience that the camera cannot provide you by allowing you to preview the scene you are about to shoot through the optical lens in real time. 

Since the app's sensor feature allows you to convert it into a professional digital display like a camera, the screen display will be 20% shorter than with other imaging platforms. Not only that, but it also provides you with the advanced feature of limiting ads during the shooting process to help you have a photography experience without worrying about interruption. 

Download app Varlens APK for Android

This will be a great application for you to help you live with your passion and create the best masterpieces of art, discover now and learn more attractive features. Below is a guarantee that it will be very helpful for you to download Varlens App for Android APK today.

Features of app Varlens APK latest version

The application is highly appreciated by users for the quality of taking photos and videos like a DSLR camera with just a phone. The manufacturer will integrate the most optimal features to serve the needs of users who can unleash their passion for taking the best photos.

Focus focus

The application will automatically identify the main point to focus in the frame you want to capture by highlighting the pixel area with a lighter color than the rest. The app's autofocus is very fast in just 10 seconds, giving you continuous and easy to see focus to take pictures even when the subjects are moving. Note that autofocus is faster or slower depending on the lens device you are using. Equip with the most optimal lens to support the image focusing process faster.


Grid chart

You can turn on the grid feature to help you take better photos, which can be scaled to suit an upright shot. Besides, there is information about adjusting brightness, color of photos taken right on the main screen. These factors are the first step to getting a good photo.

Varlens App for Android APK

Very fast shooting speed

The super speed of DSLR photography is one of the advantages that many people love. Shooting speed will be affected by the built in software and the memory card's ability to read and write. Fast shutter speeds are usually 1/125th of a second or less (the larger the denominator, the faster the speed). A fast shutter speed will create a motion freeze effect. This effect is often captured on fast moving subjects in a clear, blur free manner. The application will be launched very quickly, autofocus, fast pixel memory and just need to take a photo will quickly receive the picture you just took.

Face Recognition

This is considered one of the indispensable features for this application. Varlens DSLR will pre-set parameters so that your phone can recognize the faces in the frame to focus on them all. You will not have to worry about having to focus and see all the people taking pictures, just touching the application screen will help you immediately identify them. This feature is very smart and has been meticulously researched by the publisher to integrate into the application so that users can capture memorable and happy moments with family and friends.

The application in the latest version will bring a lot of interesting and unique features that allow users to freely create artistic photos in their own photography style. You can Download app Varlens APK for Android app to instantly own many photos and videos like a professional photographer.

Varlens Mod APK


Varlens APK will support users to own the sharpest images that are only encapsulated through a phone that users can create a professional image on par with a digital camera. With parameters and functions set up inside the camera can also give users the best experience. Along with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it is easy to use from the first time, so you can unleash your passion anytime, anywhere. This will be a great application for you to quickly download now to have the best images right on your phone device, download now!

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