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Noizz Mod APK 5.12.3 (Pro, No Watermark, Video Editor)

Dec 02, 2023

Noizz Mod APK is an AI-driven video editor with vast effects, music features, and easy social sharing.

Name Noizz
Updated 2023-12-02
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 5.12.3
Size 46.68 MB
MOD Pro, No Watermark, Video Editor
Category Tools
Developer Noizz Team
Price Free
Google Play Link

Noizz Mod APK | Transform Your Videos with AI Magic, Creative Tools, and Seamless Social Sharing Bliss!

Noizz Mod APK, your ultimate video editing companion, is a dynamic app designed for those who want to turn their videos into captivating visual stories effortlessly. Formerly known as Biugo, this application has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as an app with a fresh look and modern interface. If you're seeking an intuitive and feature-rich video editor with music, it won't disappoint. With its array of capabilities, even the most simplistic videos may be elevated to visually stunning works of art. Regardless of experience level, Noizz offers a simple editing interface for users of all skill levels.

Noizz Mod APK

Attractive Points of The App

The Evolution from Biugo to the app

Witness the evolution from Biugo to Noizz App Mod APK, where aesthetics meet functionality. its rebranding is not merely a change in name; it's a leap into modernity. The app now sports a younger and more contemporary look, reflecting its commitment to staying in tune with the latest trends. Updated sticker templates and effects await, promising a fresh and exciting palette for your creative endeavors.

Basic Editing Tools

Its prowess lies in its support for users to tweak every aspect of their videos. From adjusting colors to fine-tuning resolution, the basic editing tools in Noizz Pro Mod APK empower you to enhance your video content effortlessly. The inclusion of suitable filters adds that extra touch to make your videos visually stunning.

Unique Effects

Explore a world of unique visual effects that set Noizz apart from the rest. Face-swapping, turning into a lion, tattooing – these are just glimpses of the exciting possibilities that the app brings to your fingertips. Stay on trend with effects that resonate with the latest preferences of the younger audience, making your video editing journey a breeze.

Create Videos by Form

Noizz Mod APK Without Watermark goes beyond the conventional by offering a curated collection of professional sample videos organized by topics. With a simple tap, you can apply these templates to your content, unleashing your creativity effortlessly. It's like having a library of inspiration at your disposal, making your video creation process both fun and efficient.

More Fun Sticks

Elevate the fun quotient of your videos with its collection of funny 3D stickers. These stickers add a touch of liveliness and cuteness to your videos. Choose wisely, ensuring that the stickers complement rather than overshadow your video content.

Noizz App Mod APK

Share to Friends

Noizz Mod APK Download Without Watermark understands the joy of sharing your creations with the world. Directly connected to popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, it ensures that your edited videos reach your audience seamlessly. Present your works to your pals, and prepare to receive praise for your artistic ability.

Attractive Features of The App

Diverse Smart Editing Tools

Noizz Pro Mod APK No Watermark Download stands out with its diverse range of smart editing tools. What makes it particularly appealing is its accessibility – whether you're a novice or an experienced editor, it caters to all. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can create professionally edited videos without the hassle.

Excellent Effects and Filters

The heart of the app lies in its extensive library of effects and filters. With over 10,000 magical effects and a plethora of color filters, Noizz opens up a world of possibilities for your videos. Experiment with different styles, be they classic or modern and watch your videos transform into captivating visual stories.

Add Music to Video

Recognizing the importance of music in video creation, Noizz Video Editor Mod APK offers a seamless experience of adding music to your videos. Choose from the built-in music store or incorporate your own tracks from another source. Not only can you add music, but it also lets you apply original music effects, making your videos visually and audibly appealing.

Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages

Personal Experience

Let me share my recent dive into the world of Noizz – the video editing marvel. From the get-go, the app’s sleek interface caught my eye. It’s user-friendly, making navigation a breeze, even for someone relatively new to video editing. The transition from Biugo to the app is not just a cosmetic change; it signifies a commitment to staying current and relevant.

Noizz Pro Mod APK

As I experimented with the basic editing tools, adjusting colors, resolution, and warmth, I found myself transforming mundane clips into vibrant stories. It offers a range of filters, each enhancing the video in its unique way. It’s like having a pocket-sized studio for quick and effective edits.

The unique effects, from face-swapping to turning into a lion, added a playful touch to my videos. These aren’t just gimmicks; they align with the latest trends, ensuring your content stands out in a crowd. The curated library of sample videos by topic served as a well of inspiration, providing ideas for my own creations with just a tap.

The 3D stickers, though seemingly small additions, injected life and humor into my videos. They’re not just static embellishments – they move and interact, making my creations more engaging. Sharing these videos directly to my social platforms was seamless, and the positive responses from friends were immediate.


  • Smart AI Assistance: Its intelligent algorithms analyze videos and suggest the best filters and effects, making editing a breeze. It's like having a virtual editing assistant.
  • Extensive Effects Library: With over 10,000 effects and various color filters, it opens up a world of creative possibilities, ensuring your videos never lack vibrancy.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It welcomes users of all levels with an intuitive interface, making video editing enjoyable without the intimidation factor.


  • Limited Offline Functionality: While it shines online, some advanced features may have limited functionality offline. A small trade-off for the extensive creative possibilities online.
  • Challenge: For newcomers, there might be a slight learning curve. Yet, with its guidance, even beginners can navigate the app and create professionally edited videos.
  • Occasional Performance Hiccups: Older devices, may face occasional performance hiccups. Regular updates aim to address these, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

How to Download The App Safely?

To safely download an application, choose a reliable source like, known for its cybersecurity measures. Visit their website, search for your desired app, and navigate to its introduction page. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Download Now" button. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the download process, ensuring a secure and straightforward experience.

Noizz Mod APK Without Watermark


​Noizz Mod APK emerges as a dynamic for unleashing your creative potential in video editing. With its evolution from Biugo, intuitive features, advanced AI algorithms, and an extensive library of effects, the app caters to both novice and seasoned editors. The advantages, including smart AI assistance, a rich effects library, and a user-friendly interface, make it a standout choice in the realm of video editing apps. As you embark on your video editing journey, secure downloads, a supportive online community, and a wealth of creative possibilities await. Embrace the revolution in video editing with Noizz Mod APK Latest Version and witness your creations come to life in ways that captivate and inspire.

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