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TFT PBE Mobile APK 14.5.5639790 (Teamfight Tactics for Android/IOS, Set 11)

Mar 07, 2024

TFT PBE Mobile APK is a strategic auto-battler game by Riot Games, where players draft League of Legends champions to compete in dynamic battles on mobile devices.

Name TFT: Teamfight Tactics
Updated 2024-02-29
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 14.5.5639790
Size 72 MB
MOD Teamfight Tactics for Android/IOS, Set 11
Category Strategy
Developer Riot Games, Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

Mastering Strategy on the Go with TFT PBE Mobile APK - Dive into the exciting world of tactical brilliance with TFT PBE Mobile!

You are calling all aspiring tacticians and League of Legends enthusiasts! Are you ready to hone your strategic skills and test your mettle against players worldwide? Look no further than TFT PBE Mobile APK. This free version for Android/IOS offers a unique mixture of strategic depth, one-of-a-kind admission to, and network-pushed development, making the latest version 2024 a haven for aspiring strategists.


Whether you're a pro-TFT veteran or a curious newcomer, this newsletter is your comprehensive manual to unlocking the capacity of TFT PBE Mobile. So, sharpen your strategic thoughts and put them together for an interesting adventure as we discover the sector of TFT PBE Mobile!

Dive into the Gameplay of TFT Mobile PBE Android

In Teamfight Tactics Mobile PBE (Public Beta Environment), you enter the vibrant world of League of Legends as a cunning strategist, assembling a powerful team of champions. This free-to-play mobile auto-battler throws you into rounds of fast-paced, strategic combat.

The core gameplay loop revolves around three key stages:

  • Drafting: In each round, you strategically select champions from a rotating pool, building a team with unique abilities and synergies.
  • Positioning: You then place your champions on the free version 2024 board, carefully considering their strengths and weaknesses, and how they complement each other.
  • Automatic Battles: Once prepared, witness your champions battle it out automatically against other players' teams. The last player standing emerges victorious!

TFT PBE Mobile takes this core gameplay a step further by granting you exclusive access to upcoming features and balance changes. With the free version 2024, you can test them firsthand, offer comments, and immediately contribute to the game's development. This unique component, blended with the strategic depth and attractive mobile revel, makes TFT PBE Mobile a should-try for aspiring strategists.

What Makes TFT PBE Set 11 Stand Out?

Be a Game Changer

Experience upcoming features and test balance changes before anyone else. Your valuable comments immediately shape TFT PBE Mobile iOS's improvement, providing you with the specific energy to persuade the destiny of TFT. Witness the game's evolution firsthand and be part of a select group of pioneers.

Mobile Mastery on the Go

Unleash your strategic prowess anytime, anywhere. TFT PBE Mobile's seamless adaptation brings the full strategic depth of Teamfight Tactics to your fingertips. Challenge players worldwide and hone your skills on the move, all without being tethered to a bulky desktop.

Forge a Collaborative Community

Connect with other passionate players, share insights, and suggest improvements through a user-friendly interface. Foster a collaborative and engaging environment where your voice is heard and valued. This community-pushed improvement technique guarantees Riot PBE continues to conform and cater to participant choices.

TFT PBE Set 11

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Frequent and streamlined updates keep you at the forefront of the game. Stay knowledgeable approximately cutting-edge changes and adapt your techniques rapidly to hold an aggressive side. This commitment to non-stop improvement guarantees a balanced and dynamic gaming enjoyment in TFT PBE On Mobile.

Uninterrupted Play and Stunning Visuals

Robust security measures safeguard your data, while a smooth, lag-free interface ensures seamless gameplay. Focus on outwitting your opponents and strategizing, not technical difficulties. Additionally, crisp and detailed graphics optimized for mobile screens bring the world of TFT to life, allowing you to appreciate the intricate details of each champion and item.

Other Key Features

  • Vivid Effects: Immerse yourself in the excitement of battle with subtle yet impactful visual effects. From explosive clashes to celebratory victory animations, those results enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate the game effortlessly with a clear and concise interface. Well-organized icons, buttons, and facts show to ensure you've got all the essential information at your fingertips to make informed decisions.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Develop your mastery through wise champion drafting, strategic positioning, adaptable tactics, and a constant learning curve fueled by regular champion rotations and balance updates.

Best Tips for Playing TFT PBE Mobile Like a Pro

Mastering TFT PBE Mobile requires a blend of strategic thinking and adaptability. Here are some tips to help you dominate the battlefield:

  • Draft Champions Wisely: Prioritize champions that complement your team composition and synergize well with each other.
  • Position Strategically: Pay attention to champion positioning to maximize their effectiveness in battles.
  • Stay Flexible: Adapt your strategy based on the evolving champion pool and your opponents' tactics.
  • Engage with the Community: Share your stories, provide feedback, and research from other players to enhance your capabilities in the free version 2024.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for updates and balance changes to stay ahead of the competition.


The Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Cross-platform gameplay ensures accessibility across devices.
  • Deep strategic depth offers endless replayability.
  • Community engagement fosters an experience of belonging and collaboration.
  • Swift updates maintain game balance and freshness.
  • Smooth interface and pix enhance the general gaming experience.


  • Potential for imbalance due to frequent updates.
  • Reliance on an internet connection may disrupt gameplay.
  • Limited compatibility with older mobile devices.

TFT PBE Download and Install Guide

To download the TFT PBE Mobile from, follow these steps:

  • Visit and locate the TFT PBE Mobile APK download link.
  • Click on the download link to initiate the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, open the APK file on your mobile device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the TFT PBE Mobile on your device.
  • Once installed, launch the game and embark on your journey to strategic supremacy!

TFT PBE Download


TFT PBE Mobile APK isn't just a game; it's a strategic playground for aspiring tacticians. It offers an extraordinary opportunity to test your abilties, impact PBE TFT 11's improvement, and forge connections with a passionate community. With its cellular-friendly layout, attractive features, and dedication to continuous evolution, TFT PBE Mobile stands as a testomony to the electricity of strategic depth and community collaboration in the mobile gaming panorama.

So, download TFT PBE Mobile today (if you have an existing PBE account) and embark on a journey of strategic mastery. Remember, the battlefield awaits, and only the most cunning tacticians will prevail!

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