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Youtube Vanced Extended

Youtube Vanced Extended APK 19.05.35 (Android App)

Apr 28, 2023

Youtube Vanced Extended APK aims to give users the best entertainment space during the viewing process without interruption for any reason. Download now!

Youtube Vanced Extended
Name Youtube Vanced Extended
Updated 2023-04-28
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 19.05.35
Size 36 MB
MOD Android App
Category Entertainment
Developer Youtube Vanced Extended
Price Free
Google Play Link

Youtube Vanced Extended APK - Watch movies without limits and ads

Youtube Vanced Extended APK is an application that is highly appreciated by Android users with the utilities that the application brings. YouTube Vanced brings users the best quality videos making you a super smooth YouTube experience. In addition, the application also provides many interesting features to enhance the experience of phone users. Not only that, we want users to have an uninterrupted experience, so we have blocked ads that appear during viewing. With attractive features to give users the best experience. Start exploring this app today.

Youtube Vanced Extended APK

About Youtube Vanced Extended APK

Youtube Vanced APK download 2023 gives you the world's largest video archive and is always updated daily with the latest videos. Currently there are some countries that are restricting the original version of Youtube to their territory so users in that country will not be able to enjoy the best videos but now there is Youtube Vanced Extended APK that will let you experience the best videos videos on this platform are equivalent to the original version especially with this platform without ads without any cost. This will be a great application for users to satisfy today's entertainment needs.

Youtube Vanced No Ads Mod APK allows blocking ads during viewing to help users have the most engaging experience without interruption with whatever happens without any fees. With this feature, you can enjoy smooth movies or videos without worrying about ads, so many users download and experience this feature.

Youtube Vanced Extended APK brings innovation to the world, so it has applied high technology to entertainment platforms to help users have a relaxing space, which is being applied a lot recently, used by billions of people daily. In order to make watching movies or other videos more convenient than Youtube, we also have solutions to help you enjoy videos without taking your eyes off.

Application is an expanded version of Youtube that helps users to enjoy entertainment programs or videos with features or better that the original version does not have, so this application is trusted by many users. Allows users to access many of the most useful features that are not available in the official app. In order to give users a high-quality and high-quality entertainment space, let's immediately discover the entertainment application right away with attractive features.

Youtube Vanced APK download 2023

Outstanding features of Youtube Vanced APK Latest Version

It must be said that Youtube Vanced Extended APK has a very nice interface, a good experience that is no different from the original YouTube application. Besides the interface elements, you cannot ignore a series of attractive features that this application brings such as:

Video player right after screen off

Youtube Vanced Extended APK aims to give users the best experience, playing the video right when the screen is off makes it possible for you to experience the whole video without interruption. Unlike the original version, when you turn it off, the video stops and you have to turn the screen back on when watching a video you love. If you want to change the volume, the application can support it without having to do too much.

Voice search

Youtube Vanced MicroG APK makes it easy for users to search when you have no hands, the application allows you to search for information by voice, after listening and analyzing it, it gives a desired result in just a few seconds. The feature will be very useful when you are busy but still want to be entertained, you need to talk and let the application handle everything and give you a top-notch entertainment space.

Youtube Vanced No Ads Mod APK

Advanced customization

Help users experience the most perfect version. Allows you to customize the most suitable features for users when experiencing the Youtube Vanced Extended APK application. You are allowed to choose the dark screen mode to be able to protect your eyes at night to avoid the light affecting your eyes when you watch the video for too long, the video playback is automatically, especially you can You can adjust the resolution according to your preferences from 144p to 4k so you can enjoy the sharpest video. This will be a great entertainment platform for you to quickly download and discover for the best entertainment experience.

Download app Youtube Vanced Mod APK for Android 11

  • Step 1: Visit the link below to download the application.
  • Step 2: On your phone go to Settings, go to Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Step 3: Go back to the browser and click download. Once downloaded, save the file to a folder right on your phone.
  • Step 4: Open the downloaded file and continue to let the third-party system install the application for you.
  • Step 5: When the phone screen says complete. You can open the app and experience it right away.

Download app Youtube Vanced Mod APK for Android 11


Youtube Vanced Extended APK will bring the best entertainment space for users when experiencing this application. Along with high resolution is also enough to attract users to the application. Helping users watch a video smoothly with ad blocking to give users an uninterrupted or annoying entertainment space from ads is one of the features that the original version cannot do. Start exploring and experimenting now. Download now!

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